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Neutered Junior Large Dog

Food of choice for dogs over 26 kilos in the adult stage are sterile but are still puppies. Also takes into account the relevant sensitivities growth phase, the main problem, overweight.

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Weight: 12 Kg.
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Junior Large Dog neutered is a food specially formulated to meet the needs of large breed dog sterilized during the growth stage. Based on two main activities:

Maximum digestive safety: The combination of highly digestible proteins, prebiotics (FOS & MOS), beet pulp, rice and fish oil, helps balance the digestive microflora and helps protect the intestinal muscosa, ensuring maximum digestive security the puppies.

Contributes to optimal growth, sterilized dogs are more at risk for overweight and obesity. The nutrition program of Royal Canin neutered promotes optimal growth and prevents excessive weight gain.

  • A contribution of chondroitin, glucosamine and Omega 3 essential fatty acids, strengthens the integrity of cartilage and contributes to joint health.


  • The food reinforces the dog's natural defenses with the addition of mannan-oligosaccharidesand synergistic complex of antioxidants.
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