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Advance Cat Basic
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    Once your cat has reached adulthood its nutritional needs change and it needs a food that helps it maintain an ideal body condition during the longest stage of its life. ADVANCE Adult is a high quality food, easy to digest, formulated to meet your specific needs that reinforces your natural defenses and barriers and helps you maintain an optimal pH of the...

    3,87 € 4,55 € -15%
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  • Premium food particularly indicated for overweight cats or cats with a tendency towards obesity that incorporates:High fiber and proteins and low in calories: For feline weight control or weight loss without losing muscle mass. L-carnitine: Helps transform fat into energy, promoting the reduction of the cat's fat deposits. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids:...

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  • Premium food specially indicated for cats over 10 years of age that incorporates:High energy: To offset the loss of appetite suffered by older cats. Low in phosphorus: Contributes to the proper functioning of the renal system. Chondroitin and glucosamine: Their combined action promotes strong maintenance of joint cartilage and helps prevent the onset of...

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    If your cat tends to form hair balls it can benefit from a food that helps it to facilitate its expulsion and prevent its formation. ADVANCE Hairball is a high end food specially formulated for cats with a tendency to form hair balls on a recurring basis. Thanks to a mixture of natural fibers, including oat and pea fiber, as well as malt extract that...

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    If your kitten is less than 1 year old, it is in the stage where it experiences more physical and behavioral changes, so it needs a specific product to help it grow strong and healthy. ADVANCE Kitten is a high quality food, specifically formulated to meet the needs of kittens and mothers at the end of pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Thanks to its...

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