Hyaloral Puppies and Cats 50 ml.

Food supplement based on Hyaluronic Acid (obtained by biotechnological process), enzymatically Hydrolysed Collagen of high purity, crystallised Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate and gamma Oryzanol for appropriate articular nutrition.0

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The addition of the nutrients that make up Hyaloral® to the usual diet contributes to joint development and maintenance.

  • Enzymatically hydrolyzed porcine collagen: Major component and structural basis of hyaline cartilage in joints.
  • Sodium hyaluronate: Main component of synovial fluid. Promotes cartilage nutrition.
  • Gamma Oryzanol: Substance of natural origin that shows a powerful antioxidant action.
  • Glucosamine: Aminosugar that contributes to maintaining the correct functioning of the joint.
  • Chondroitin sulfate: Main component of synovial fluid. Promotes cartilage nutrition.

Recommendation for use
To help the correct development of joints, tendons and ligaments.
Joint lubrication.

HyalORAL® GEL, case with 50 ml container with dosing syringe. Oral gel.

How to use

  • For cats: 3 ml per day.
  • For puppies up to 5 kg: 1.5 ml per day.
  • For puppies from 5 to 10 kg: 3 ml per day.
  • For ferrets, rabbits, rodents and birds: 0.5 ml per kg of weight per day.
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