Ideal Balance Mature Adult con pollo y arroz

Hill’s Ideal Balance Mature Adult es un pienso especialmente formulado para perros mayores, a partir de los 7 años de edad, de razas pequeñas y razas medianas. Para su elaboración, este alimento incluye un equilibrio de ingredientes naturales de la más alta calidad. Con su ingesta tu mascota estará incorporando a su dieta más de 50 nutrientes diferentes.

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Poids : 12 Kg.
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  • Food for older dogs from 7 years, small and medium breeds.
  • Formulated by nutritionists for a balance of pet food.
  • It includes controlled levels of sodium, phosphorus, calcium and protein.
  • Made with fresh chicken, rice, vegetables and minerals of the highest quality.
  • It contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin and hair and strengthens your bones and teeth.


  • Food designed for the daily diet of older dogs, starting at age 7, belonging to small and medium breeds.
  • This feed is not recommended for feeding cats, puppies or bitches during gestation or lactation.
  • During gestation and lactation you must change the feed to your dog to Ideal Balance Puppy.

Nutritional description:

  • Composition: fresh chicken (14%), brown rice (12%), barley, oats, brewer's rice, yellow pea flour, animal fat, dried chicken, chicken flour, dried beet pulp, digest, minerals, flax seed , powdered pea, apple powder, cranberry powder, carrot powder, broccoli powder, vitamins, trace elements and taurine. With natural antioxidant (mixture of tocopherols).
  • Nutritional additives: vitamin A (19,960 IU), vitamin D3 (1,170 IU); trace elements: iron (262 mg), iodine (2.6 mg), copper (33.3 mg), manganese (11.5 mg), zinc (223 mg), selenium (0.5 mg).
  • Analytical components: protein (18.4%), crude fiber (1.6%), crude ash (5.8%), moisture (8%), fat content (14.0%), omega 3 fatty acids 0.43%), omega 6 (2.9%), calcium (1.00%), phosphorus (0.61%), sodium (0.32%), potassium (0.85%), beta- (1.5 mg).


  • Always leave clean and fresh water near your pet.
  • Check this table to know the daily ration of food that corresponds to your dog.

 Weight of the dog (kg) g/day
2,5 kg 45-60 g
5 kg 75-105 g
10 kg 125-175 g
20 kg 210-295 g
30 kg 290-400 g
40 kg 360-495 g
50 kg  425-585 g 
60 kg 9 por kg

  • You must adjust the daily portion of your pet according to its specific characteristics, such as weight, age or physical activity.

Size / Format:

Bags of 12 kg.

Adapt the feeding to the specific needs of your dog over 7 years with a special feed for this stage of his life.

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