Ideal Balance Puppy con pollo y arroz

Hill's Ideal Balance Puppy es un pienso con pollo fresco y arroz para cachorros desde el destete hasta un año de edad de razas pequeñas y medianas, adecuado también para hembras en periodo de gestación y lactancia. Esta comida destaca por estar elaborada con ingredientes naturales de la más alta calidad y por la armonía que encontramos en su fórmula, para una nutrición 100% equilibrada de todos sus componentes, proteínas, vitaminas, grasas y minerales.

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Poids : 2 Kg.
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  • For small dogs from weaning to a year following a balanced formula.
  • It includes high levels of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • It is made of natural ingredients of the highest quality.
  • Fresh chicken is the main base of your recipe.
  • High and controlled levels of minerals such as calcium.


  • Food indicated for the daily diet of puppies of small and medium breeds, from weaning to 1 year, as well as for pregnant and lactating females.
  • This feed is not suitable for feeding cats or adult dogs that are overweight and are not lactating.
  • Neither should they be fed by pups of large breeds (over 25 kg of adult weight) who have finished weaning, at which point they should switch to the Hill's Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Large Breed.

Nutritional description:

  • Composition: fresh chicken (13%), brown rice (12%), oats, barley, chicken flour, pea protein concentrate, animal fat, potato protein, dried chicken, dried egg, flax seed, digest, pulp dried beet, minerals, fish oil, powdered pea, apple powder, cranberry powder, carrot powder, broccoli powder, vitamins, trace elements and taurine. With natural antioxidant (mixture of tocopherols).
  • Nutritional additives: vitamin A (21,740 IU), vitamin D3 (1,270 IU); trace elements: iron (308 mg), iodine (3.1 mg), copper (39.1 mg), manganese (13.6 mg), zinc (262 mg), selenium (0.6 mg).
  • Analytical components: protein (27.6%), crude fiber (1.5%), crude ash (6.8%), moisture (8%), fat content (18.4%), omega 3 fatty acids 1.3%), omega 6 (3.4%), calcium (1.24%), phosphorus (1.02%), sodium (0.41%), potassium (0.74%), beta- (1.5 mg).


  • Feeding guide for puppies (from weaning to 1 year):
  • Puppies from 1 to 3 months:

Weight of the dog (kg)  g/día 
0,5 kg 30 g
1 kg 55 g
5 kg 180 g
10 kg 305 g
  • Puppies from 4 to 9 months:
 Weight of the dog (kg)  g/día 
3 kg 105 g
10 kg 255 g
20 kg 430 g
  • Puppies from 10 to 12 months:
 Weight of the dog (kg)  g/día 
5 kg 120 g
15 kg 275 g
25 kg 405 g


  • Feeding Guide for Pregnant Dogs:
 Weight of the dog (kg)  Weeks 1-4  Weeks 5-6  Weeks 7-9 
5 kg 120 g 150 g 180 g
15 kg 275 g 345 g 415 g
30 kg 465 g 585 g 700 g
50 kg 685 g 855 g 1025 g

Size / Format:

  • Available sizes 2 kg and 12 kg.

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