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Feline Metabolic + Urinary Stress

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Dietary food that promotes the health of urinary tract of adult cats and helps them to lose weight, with 26% of chicken, few calories and able to acidify the urine.

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Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary Stress is specially developed for adult cats with frequent urinary diseases and they are also overweight. The recurrence of symptoms of the most common urinary tract decreases by 89%. Thanks to its properties of urine acidification and reduced magnesium content, this complete food minimizes the risk of struvite stones and calcium oxalate. In addition, it contains tranquilizing ingredients that promote the emotional balance of your cat and, in this way, decreases the risk of idiopathic cystitis.
This delicious food contains 26% light chicken meat, is low in calories and helps your cat to lose weight. In fact, within 60 days it can help you lose 11% of weight. The balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, together with beta-carotene and natural antioxidants, ensures a complete contribution of vital substances. In this way, your cat's defenses are strengthened and your well-being is encouraged. Hill's Metabolic + Urinary Stress Prescription Diet is a high quality feed recommended by veterinarians that helps your cat maintain urinary tract health and simultaneously promotes weight loss.


Nutritional treatment of cats with feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), feline idiopathic cystitis (CIF), crystalluria and / or urolithiasis and urethral obstruction
Dissolution of sterile struvite stones
Long-term nutritional treatment for cats prone to:
Feline idiopathic cystitis (CIF)
Crystals and struvite stones, calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate (reduces recurrence)
Urethral obstruction (almost exclusively accompanied by crystals of struvite or calcium phosphate)
Weight reduction or maintenance after weight loss


Pregnant or lactating cats
Weak, underweight or dehydrated cats

All features at a glance:
Dietary fodder for adult cats
Particularly indicated for cats who are overweight or have recurrent diseases of the urinary tract
Reduces the risk of FLUTD: decreases the risk of resurgence of struvite stones and calcium oxalate by 89%
Optimum pH value of the urine: contains DL-methionine which acidifies the urine and an adapted percentage of magnesium
It promotes emotional balance: L-tryptophan and milk protein hydrolyzate have a calming effect, reducing the risk of CIF (feline idiopathic cystitis)
Low calorie and energy recipe: help your cat reach his ideal weight; weight up to 11% lower within 60 days
With 26% chicken: delicious and light source of valuable animal proteins
Rich in vital substances: minerals, vitamins and trace elements, together with beta-carotene and natural antioxidants contribute to optimal physical constitution and strong defenses
Recommended by veterinarians: this clinically proven food is often recommended by veterinarians

100% satisfaction guarantee: your pet will love it.

Hill's Prescription Diet products are made exclusively with high quality ingredients and have an extraordinary taste. Hill's is convinced that your pet will love Hill's Prescription Diet and therefore offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this product.

Meat and animal by-products, vegetable protein extracts, cereals, vegetable by-products, vegetables, oils and fats, seeds, minerals.
Substance that acidifies urine: DL-methionine.

Nutritional Additives:
Vitamin A [E672] (29 840 IU / kg), vitamin D3 [E671] (1760 IU / kg), iron [E1] (198 mg / kg), iodine [E2] ] (25.1 mg / kg), manganese [E5] (105 mg / kg), zinc [E6] (168 mg / kg), selenium [E8] (0.4 mg).

With natural antioxidants.

Analytical components

Crude protein 37.0%
Crude fat 12.7%
Gross fiber 10.2%
Gross ash 5.3%
Calcium 0.75%
Phosphorus 0.68%
Magnesium 0.07%
Beta-carotene 2.0 mg
Chloride 0.78%
Potassium 0.75%
Sodium 0.34%
Taurine 2.51 mg
Vitamin E (tocopherols) 810.0 mg

Recommended Amount:

Weight of catmaintain weightlose weight
2 kg40 g30 g
3 kg55 g35 g
4 kg70 g45 g
5 kg80 g55 g
6 kg+15 g pro kg10 g pro kg

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Feline Metabolic + Urinary Stress

Feline Metabolic + Urinary Stress

Dietary food that promotes the health of urinary tract of adult cats and helps them to lose weight, with 26% of chicken, few calories and able to acidify the urine.

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