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Diabetic Special Low Carbohidrate


  • Diabetes mellitus.

  • Estreñimiento.

  • Diarrea del intestino grueso.

  • Trastornos de motilidad gástrica.

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Peso: 12 latas 195 g
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WARNING : Use of this food usually improves sensitivity to insulin dog . It is recommended to monitor blood glucose to adjust insulin dosage reduced .


  • Pregnancy, lactation, growth.
  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.


Duration of treatment:

Throughout life .

A decrease in glucose intake reduces postprandial glycemia.

Dietary fibers slow down digestion in the small intestine and improve glycemic control in diabetic dogs .

The incorporation of cereal with low glycemic index ( corn ) promotes the control of postprandial glycemia.

Diabetes mellitus promotes oxidative stress also contributes to associated chronic complications ( Opara 2002). A high level of antioxidants helps fight it.

Additional Information :

In the manufacture of wet food are used very few cereals . This allows formulating foods with a very low rate of starch , particularly interesting in the case of canine diabetes.

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