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Bravecto pipettes for cats 112.5 mg (1.2-2.8 kg.)

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BRAVECTO® Dorsal Anointing Solution for Cats

Ectoparasiticide for systemic use

DO NOT use on cats less than 11 weeks or weighing less than 1.2 kg

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Active substance: Each ml contains 280 mg fluralaner. Each pipette releases:

Pipette content (ml)Fluralaner (mg)
Small cats (1,2-2,8 kg)0,4112,5
Medium cats (>2,8-6,25 kg)0,89250
Big cats (>6,25-12,5 kg)1,79500

Interactions and incompatibilities

None known.

Fluralaner is highly bound to plasma proteins and could compete with other high protein affinity drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and coumarin derivative warfarin.

The incubation of fluralaner in the presence of carprofen or warfarin in dog plasma at expected maximum plasma concentrations did not reduce the binding to fluralaner, carprofen or warfarin proteins. During laboratory tests and clinical field tests, no interactions were observed between Bravecto dorsal anointing solution for cats and veterinary drugs routinely used.

Indications and target species

Cats: Treatment of infestations by ticks and fleas.

This veterinary drug is a systemic insecticide and acaricide that provides immediate and persistent activity to kill fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and ticks (Ixodes ricinus) for 12 weeks.

Fleas and ticks should be fixed in the host and begin feeding to expose themselves to the active substance. The veterinary drug can be used as part of a treatment strategy for the control of allergic to flea bite dermatitis (DAPP).

Contraindications: Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any excipients.

Side effects:

Adverse reactions frequently observed in clinical trials were mild and transient skin reactions at the site of application (2.2% of treated cats), such as erythema and pruritus or alopecia.

The following signs were observed soon after administration: apathy / tremors / anorexia (0.9% of treated cats) or vomiting / hypersalivation (0.4% of treated cats).

Route of administration: Dorsal anointing punctual.


Cats: Bravecto should be administered according to the following table (corresponding to a dose of 40-94 mg fluralaner / kg body weight):

Cat weightNumber and concentration of bravect pipettes

1,2 - 2,81
>2,8 - 6,251

For cats weighing more than 12.5 kg, use a combination of two pipettes that will fit as much as possible to your weight.

Method of administration:

Step 1: Open the sachet and remove the pipette immediately before use. The pipette should be attached by the base, or by the top in the rigid area under the cap, in an upright position (with the tip facing up) to open it. The cap should be turned one full turn clockwise or counterclockwise. The cap will remain in the pipette; It is not possible to remove it. The pipette is open and ready for application when the seal is broken.

Step 2: The cat should stand or lie down with the horizontal spine for easy application. Place the tip of the pipette at the base of the cat's skull.

Step 3: Gently squeeze the pipette and apply the entire contents directly onto the cat's skin. The veterinary medicinal product should be applied in a single point at the base of the skull for cats up to 6.25 kg in weight and in two points for cats weighing more than 6.25 kg.

Treatment Scheme: For optimal control of tick and flea infestation, the veterinary medicinal product should be administered at 12-week intervals.

Special Precautions

- It is necessary that the parasites initiate the feeding in the host to be exposed to the fluralaner; Therefore, the risk of transmission of diseases transmitted by parasites should not be excluded.

- Care must be taken to avoid contact with the animal's eyes. Do not use directly on skin lesions.

- In the absence of available data, this veterinary medicinal product should not be used in kittens younger than 11 weeks of age and / or cats weighing less than 1.2 kg.

- The veterinary medicinal product should not be administered at less than 8 weeks intervals since safety for shorter intervals has not been studied.

- This veterinary medicinal product is for cutaneous use and should not be administered orally.

- Do not allow newly treated animals to groom one another.

- The safety of the veterinary medicinal product during gestation and lactation has not been demonstrated. Use only in accordance with the benefit / risk assessment performed by the responsible veterinarian.

- This veterinary medicinal product is harmful if swallowed. Keep the veterinary medicine in the original packaging until use, in order to prevent children from having direct access to it. Used pipettes should be discarded immediately. In case of accidental ingestion, consult a physician immediately and show the package insert or label.

- This veterinary medicinal product and the moist skin of a freshly treated animal may be slightly irritating to the skin and / or eyes. Avoid contact with skin and / or eyes, including contact with the eye. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the veterinary medicinal product. Do not touch or allow children to touch the application site until it is dry; Therefore, it is recommended to treat the animal in the evening. On treated day treated animals should not be allowed to sleep in the same bed as their owners, especially if they are children. Wash hands and skin thoroughly with soap and water immediately after using the veterinary medicinal product. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.

- This veterinary medicinal product is highly flammable. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flame or other sources of ignition.

- The active substance of the drug is highly lipophilic and binds to the skin and can also bind to surfaces after the product spills. Therefore, the following precautions are recommended: Wear suitable gloves when handling the medication or apply to dogs and cats; In case of spillage on, for example, tables or floors, remove excess medicine using household paper and clean the area with detergent.

- Do not allow treated animals to come into contact with untreated animals until the application site is dry. Storage This veterinary medicinal product does not require special storage temperature conditions. Store pipettes in the outer carton in order to avoid loss of solvent or moisture collection. Envelopes should only be opened immediately before use.

Observations: Veterinary use. Medicine subject to a veterinary prescription.

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Bravecto pipettes for cats 112.5 mg (1.2-2.8 kg.)

Bravecto pipettes for cats 112.5 mg (1.2-2.8 kg.)

BRAVECTO® Dorsal Anointing Solution for Cats

Ectoparasiticide for systemic use

DO NOT use on cats less than 11 weeks or weighing less than 1.2 kg

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