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Immunomodulatory treatment Canine Atopic Dermatitis oral solution
Cyclosporine 100 mg / ml

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Treatment of clinical manifestations of canine atopic dermatitis
Dosage and method of use

5 mg / kg P.V. orally at least 2 hours before or after meals introducing the pen in the dog's mouth.
Manage daily initial shape until a satisfactory clinical improvement (4-8 weeks). If no improvement at 8 weeks, stop treatment. If symptoms satisfactorily controlled, administered every 2 days and conducting clinical checks at regular intervals to adjust the frequency of administration to the minimum necessary to maintain remission. Consider additional treatment with shampoos, fatty acids, etc. The duration of treatment should also be adjusted to response.

Bottle of 5, 15, 30 or 50 ml with dispenser cap and graduated syringe.
Hypersensitivity to the product. Children 6 months to 2 kg. Malignant disorders. Diabetes. Infants.

Group compounds azoles (eg ketoconazole) and macrolides such as erythromycin increase the blood concentration of cyclosporine. Cictocromo certain inducers of P450, anticonvulsants and antibiotics (eg trimethoprim / sulfadimidine) may reduce plasma concentrations. Cyclosporine is a substrate and an inhibitor of P-glycoprotein transporter MDR1: co-administration with macrocyclic lactones (eg ivermectin and milbemycin) could cause CNS toxicity.
You can increase the nephrotoxicity of aminoglycoside antibiotics and trimethoprim.
Do not combine with immunosuppressants. Do not vaccinate during treatment and 2 weeks before or after


Perform full scan before treatment. Discard and / or eliminate previous infections. Treating fleas. Cyclosporine reduces the antitumor response and affects insulin levels. In laboratory animals at high doses is embryotoxic and fetotoxic: in breeding and pregnant assess risk / benefit. With kidney disease, monitor creatinine. Wash hands after use. It can cause salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, hyperactivity, anorexia, gingival hyperplasia, verruciform lesions or changes in fur, redness and swelling of the ear, muscle weakness or cramps and salivation. In very rare cases, diabetes mellitus, especially in West Highland. Avoid contact in case of hypersensitivity. In case of contact, wash the area with water. If swallowed, consult a physician.
With veterinary prescription.
CYCLAVANCE 100 mg / ml oral solution for dogs.

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Immunomodulatory treatment Canine Atopic Dermatitis oral solution
Cyclosporine 100 mg / ml

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