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Procox 7.5 ml.

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Antihelmintic oral suspension for the treatment of nematodes and Coccidia infestations in dogs.

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Procox containing 0.9 mg / ml and 18mg/ml toltrazuril emodepsia.
For the treatment of mixed parasitic infections that sopeche or shown to be caused by the following species of nematodes and coccidia:

- Toxoxara canis (mature adult, immature adult, L4)
- Uncinaria stenocephala (mature)
- Ancylostoma caninum (mature)

- Complex Isospora ohioensis
- Isospora canis

Procox acts against Isospora replication and dissemination against oocysts.
7.5 ml oral suspension

• Do not use in puppies / dogs less than two weeks or weighing less than 0.4 kg.

• Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients.
Side effects

Disorders can be mild and transient digestive tract (vomiting or loose stools).
Route of administration


1 ml suspension / 2 kg orally to dogs at 2 weeks and at least 0.4 kg.

In general a single administration is sufficient to reduce the spread of oocysts Isospora although treatment strategy to be defined in each case.
Special precautions

• emodepside is a substrate for P-glycoprotein Emodepside studies indicate that in certain dogs Collies or related breeds safety margin may be smaller compared to other races.

• Not studied Procox tolerance in young puppies of these breeds so it is not recommended for use in these dogs.

• There is limited experience with dogs extremadanamente weak or kidney or liver function severely impaired. Therefore, the veterinary medicinal product should be used only according to the benefit / risk assessment by the responsible veterinarian.

• Due to lack of studies, treatment is not recommended during pregnancy or during the first two weeks of lactation.

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Procox 7.5 ml.

Procox 7.5 ml.

Antihelmintic oral suspension for the treatment of nematodes and Coccidia infestations in dogs.

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