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KARSIVAN 60 Tablets

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Vasodilator, in oral tablet.

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Composition by tablet:
Propentofylline 50 mg.

Pharmacological properties:
General Characteristics: Derived from xanthine.

Pharmacodynamic Characteristics: Basically, it is a vasotherapeutic that improves the blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain as well as the cardiac and skeletal muscles.

Interactions and incompatibilities:
They have not been described.

Dogs: Circulatory regulator.
Treatment of alterations due to poor cerebral and peripheral circulation, improving the signs of apathy and lethargy.

Do not administer during pregnancy, lactation and in animals intended for breeding.

Side effects:
In exceptional cases allergic skin reactions may occur, for example urticaria, and treatment should be discontinued.

Route of administration:

The tablets can be administered directly, whole or sliced, at the base of the tongue. They can also be mixed with a small amount of food or incorporated into the diet.

Dogs: 6 to 10 mg propentofylline / kg / day, dividing the dose in two daily administrations; that is, twice a day at the rate of:

From 2 to 4 kg: ¼ comp / dog.
From 5 to 8 kg: ½ comp / dog.
From 9 to 15 kg: 1 comp / dog.
From 16 to 25 kg: 1 ½ comp / dog.
From 26 to 33 kg: 2 comp / dog.
From 34 to 50 kg: 3 comp / dog.
From 51 to 75 kg: 4 ½ comp / dog.

The duration of the treatment is of 4 to 6 weeks, realizing a veterinary control to the 2-3 weeks of initiated. The treatment may be extended depending on the results obtained and according to veterinary criteria.

In animals with severe renal insufficiency the dose should be reduced.

Once the treatment is started, if there is no improvement in the symptoms caused by poor irrigation, it should be suspended, at the latest 4 weeks after its onset.

Overdose is unlikely. If it occurs, there may be a transient decrease in food intake, accompanied by sedation, vomiting and a temporary reddening of the mucous membranes. All these alterations subside spontaneously, without being necessary to institute any type of treatment.

With veterinary prescription.

Special precautions:
Keep in a cool place.

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KARSIVAN 60 Tablets

KARSIVAN 60 Tablets

Vasodilator, in oral tablet.

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