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Kiltix large breeds

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Antiparasitic necklace 70 cm long and weighing 45 g containing 4.5 g of propoxur and 1.013 g of flumetrina.

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Collar contains two active substances: propoxur, carbamic acid derivative and a synthetic pyrethroid - flumethrin. While using necklace, substances influencing hair, protecting a dog against fleas and ticks. Absorption of these two substances through the skin is minimal, they are not dangerous to the health of the animal. Prepared runs until 7 months.

To combat tick species Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Ixodes ricinus, and fleas Ctenocephalides canis, Ctenocephalides felis. For dogs up to 10kg weight.

It should not be used in dogs with skin lesions or in sick or convalescing dogs.
secondary or adverse reactions:
In rare cases, in the first days after use collar may appear a slight itching of the skin. If hypersensitivity reaction, you have to remove the collar.

Propoxur - atropine sulfate; Flumetina - symptomatic treatment (no specific antidotes).

They not described, but as a general precaution, also for other antiparasitic agents, it is recommended not to use other insecticides on the dog when he is wearing the collar.

Application mode:
Remove the collar of the protective bag and remove the plastic strips on the inside of the collar to unroll. Loosely place the collar around the dog's neck and the end thereof passing through the buckle. The collar should be used continuously except for a bathroom. In some cases during use collar invasion of ticks, which fall may occur (a later) after three days without sucking blood. Owners must control the skin in the area of the collar during the first few days to ensure that it is not too tight (between the collar and neck should be left a space of two fingers). Collar for external use only.

60 months. Store at 15-25 ° C.


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Kiltix large breeds

Kiltix large breeds

Antiparasitic necklace 70 cm long and weighing 45 g containing 4.5 g of propoxur and 1.013 g of flumetrina.

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