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Incurin tablets

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Estriol in oral tablet.

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Composition per tablet : 1 mg of estriol .

Pharmacological properties :
Estriol is a short-acting natural estrogen . Following oral administration in multiple doses no accumulation occurs . In safety studies in the target species and in clinical trials , including long-term treatment , no symptoms were observed immunosuppression . This is probably due to the nature of short-acting estrogen estriol .

Interactions and incompatibilities :
None known.

Directions :
Bitch : Treatment of hormone- dependent urinary incontinence due to sphincter mechanism incompetence in ovariectomized bitches .

Do not use in intact bitches , since only been proven effective in ovariectomized bitches .

Animals showing a polyuria - polydipsia syndrome should not be treated with Incurin .

Side Effects:
At the highest recommended dose of 2 mg per dog were observed estrogenic effects such as swollen vulva, swollen mammary glands and / or attractiveness to males and vomiting. The incidence is approximately 5-9% . These effects are reversible by lowering the dose . In some cases vaginal bleeding occurred.

Route of administration :
Orally , once a day or every other day .


None established a relationship between final effective dose and body weight and therefore the dose must be determined for each dog individually.
Start treatment with one tablet ( 1 mg estriol) every day . If you get good results , reduce the dose to half a tablet daily . If the initial treatment is not successful , increase the dose to two tablets daily as a single dose . Some dogs do not need daily treatment , the treatment can be attempted every other day , once the effective daily dose is established .
Do not administer more than two tablets daily .
During treatment , animals should be re- examined every 6 months.

Discard product residue by burning or boiling .
With veterinary prescription.

Cautioned :
High doses of estrogen may have a tumor -promoting effect in target organs with estrogen receptors (mammary gland).

Box with 30 tablets.

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Incurin tablets

Incurin tablets

Estriol in oral tablet.

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