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Panacur 250 mg 200 tablets

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Antiparasitic. Anthelmintic, oral tablet.

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Composition per tablet:
Tablet 250: Fenbendazol 250 mg.
Tablet 500: Fenbendazol 500 mg.

Pharmacological properties:
General characteristics: Broad spectrum anthelmintic belonging to the group of benzimidazoles.

Pharmacodynamic characteristics: It is active against eggs, larvae and adults of Toxocara forms, Toxascaris, Ancylostoma, hookworm, Trichuris, Aelurostrongylus and Taenia. It has also shown activity against Giardia.

Interactions and incompatibilities:
There haven´t been described.

Dogs and cats: Nematodosis and teniasis.

Nematodosis and tapeworms in dogs and cats of all ages. In pregnant dogs, to prevent infestation of puppies

Treatment of giardiasis

There haven´t been described.

Side effects:
In heavily infested animals may appear mild diarrhea after treatment.

Route of administration:

The tablets may be administered directly, whole or in pieces, placing them at the base of the tongue. They can also be blended with a small amount of common food or disintegrate in a small amount of water prior to administration directly, or mixed with food.

Dogs and cats: it can be administered either as a single dose, as divided for 3 to 5 days in a single daily dose (every 24 hours), where in each case the dose:

In 1 day: 1 tablet P-250 / 2.5 kg p.v .; 1 tablet or P-500/5 kg P.V.
In 3 days: 1 tablet P-250/5 kg p.v./día; 1 tablet or P-500/10 kg p.v./día.
In 5 days: 1 tablet P-250 / 12.5 kg p.v./día; 1 tablet or P-500/25 kg p.v./día.

Given its high concentration of active ingredient, Panacur 500 is only recommended for use in dogs deworming.

In the specific case of the administration in pregnant dogs, to achieve free puppies parasites, the dosage is 1 kg p.v./día comp Panacur 250/10; or 1 tablet Panacur 500/20 p.v./día kg administered daily from day 40 of gestation until two days after delivery.

In puppies under three months it is advisable to administer the recommended dose three days


  • As side effects, heavily infested animals, you may appear mild diarrhea after treatment.
  • With veterinary prescription.

Special precautions:
Keep in a cool place (below + 25 ° C).

Cases with 10 and 200 tablets.

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Panacur 250 mg 200 tablets

Panacur 250 mg 200 tablets

Antiparasitic. Anthelmintic, oral tablet.

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